Thandana is home-grown chic at its best, with a focus on immaculate workmanship and quality – the bags are made by using locally produced hand printed fabrics, designed especially for Thandana, We then laminate the fabric for extra protection and durability ,adding along with all our designs genuine Bovine South African leather

Silver Ribbon Gifts are proud of our high quality, genuine leather products. We are proud stockists of Thandana leather bags made from genuine South African bovine leather.

Our bags are manufactured with focus on workmanship and quality and are made locally from hand printed fabrics and laminated for extra protection and durability.

Silver Ribbon Gifts’ genuine leather bags include:

satchels, nappy bags, bucket bags, messenger bags, sling carriers, vanity bags.

Thandana satchels are leather craft at its best is design based on the traditional business satchel.

It includes a durable base for additional sturdiness, YKK zips, gun metal trim, adjustable straps and shoulder support for optimum comfort. It also features a sturdy double fastening buckle and a durable hand strap for comfortable carrying.

Our satchels bring urban refinement and distinguished African style to any lady wearing it.

Nappy bags include beach nappy bags as well as a small leather nappy bag.

The Shelley Beach nappy bag boasts bottle holders, genuine leather trims and handles, cotton adjustable strap, YKK zips and gun metal trims. All bags are lined with black PVC for those little spillage mishaps.

Bucket bags became popular (again) around 2014 due to its practical design, although the trend started in the early 1900’s. In 2016 Elle Magazine said bucket bags “climbed the ranks of handbag fame …” and mentioned that the bucket bag style had outgrown its trend status and is now firmly established as a “wardrobe staple”.

Bucket bags are named for its shape, which is a bag that is taller than it is wide, with a rounded bottom. It is a roomy bag with lots of space. Louis Vitton create an early bucket bag in 1932 that was intended to “transport five bottles of champagne”

The Silver Ribbon Gifts leather bucket bag is a 100% leather handbag with bags of space and genuine leather durability.

Messenger handbags:

The messenger bag describes itself. Based on a traditional courier bag, the messenger bag dates from the golden age of utility-men who needed access to their tools without using two hands.

It is sometime called sling bags, courier bags or carryalls and the shape has been used by Roman legionnaires, army medics, electronic repairmen and letter carriers, from which its name is derived. In modern times, students use the messenger bag to easily carry textbooks and laptops.

Silver Ribbon Gifts messenger bags are a winning combination of functionality and fashion, at a price fit for a special-person-gift.

It fits the style-concious individual who looks for style and practicality not as informal as a backpack and not as rigid as a briefcase.

The bags are made from 100% tobacco leather with a zipped front pocket, adjustable strap and gunmetal trims.

Sling carriers:

Silver Ribbon stocks a leather iPad/tablet sling carrier which makes a stunning gift. It is made of 100% tobacco leather and has a mobile phone pouch and extra space for a notebook.

Sling carriers or sling bags are smaller versions of messenger bags and share a history with the latter, as the main difference is in the size. It is designed to be carried on one shoulder.

The sling carrier has an adjustable strap and is a popular gift for business people who travel often.

Vanity bags:

Vanity bags are perfect and necessary paring bags with travelling bags.

Silver Ribbon Gifts Thandana vanity bags are made from hand-printed durable fabric or genuine leather, laminated to make it extra strong, with leather trims and a double-lip lid.