My Love For Africa

Silver Ribbon Gifts offers you the opportunity to bring a bit of Africa’s creativeness and vibrancy into the homes of you and your loved ones.

What is my love for Africa will soon be your love for Africa by embracing Africa’s heart and soul with our beautiful shwe shwe homeware, clothing, beaded gifts and other handcrafted South African items and home decor.

Africans are diverse, creative, talented and vibrant which shines through in their daily expressions of song, dance and artistry.

Through travels of Africa have granted us the opportunity to observe the talent and creativity that defines this continent. Objects, frequently crafted for daily and practical use are intricate works of art. The passion and ingenuity that runs through the veins of this continent is inspiring and unbound.

My Love for Africa offers you the opportunity of experiencing Africa through any of our locally produced products brought into your home.


My Love for Africa supports commitment to creating sustainable opportunities and employment by working directly with passionate, ambitious individuals, informal businesses and community upliftment projects. Over time and with patience and guidance we can all lead a more purposeful life’