Out Door Gifts

Out Door Gifts

Outdoor gifts

Gifts are as old as mankind itself. It gives us the opportunity to show appreciation when giving and, when we receive gifts, we feel valued.

Gifts are a way of showing our compassion for people who are celebrating important events in their lives.

There as as many reasons to give a gift as there are events. The most important events are related to age (21st anniversaries) and change of status (going to school, getting married, graduating, promotion, retiring).

Because South Africans are outdoors people, Silver Ribbon Gifts assembled a delightful collection of outdoor gifts. Our gifts celebrate our sunny climate, relaxing and picnicking in nature. Our gifts do not require an event, it only requires the need to give.

Picnic baskets

Have the food and wine ready, but no classy way to transport it? The beautiful Silver Ribbon Gifts hand-woven picnic basket will oblige. It is lined with ShweShwe fabric. Shweshwe is a printed, dyed cotton fabric that is widely used in traditional South African clothing. It derives it’s name from King Moshoeshoe of Lesotho, who received a gift of fabric from French missionaries in the 1840’s. The material in your Silver Ribbon Gifts picnic basket is as much a part of South Africa as the outdoors is part of every South African’s life.

Basket linings are available in a range of colours including red, green and orange. The manufacturing process of Shweshwe fabric results in unique shades and patterns. Your basket’s lining will therefore be unique in some way. Add to that, the fact that the basket is handwoven, which makes it unique also, as no two handmade baskets are quite the same.

The picnic basket is equipped for two people, durable and exactly what you need for a delightful picnic.

Equipment in your picnic basket include:

a salt and pepper set, two packs of matching paper serviettes, a bamboo chopping board, a stainless steel utility knife, a stainless steel bottle opener, two stainless steel wine goblets, two stainless steel dipping bowls, two stainless steel plates.

What more could you possibly need?

Well, you may want to add a floral blanket that matches your picnic basket.

The 2m X 1.5 m floral blanket has a waterproof base and cotton upper. It is available in a variety of colours, and for special days such as the Silver Ribbon Gifts Valentine’s picnic blanket or as a patchwork picnic blanket.

Silver Ribbon Gifts also have available, an individual, red Shweshwe picnic blanket without a picnic basket.

Now all you need is the right companion to make it a perfect day!

Pool accessories

More interested in relaxing by the pool?

Our Pool Pillowz are just the way to float away your trouble s while soaking up the healthy sun and fresh air. (We know you wouldn’t be in the sun without proper sunscreen protection, would you?)

Pool Pillowz are 1,5m X 1m floating canvas pillows that dry quickly in the sun. They are available in grey and white, red and white, turquoise and white, and royal blue and white stripes.

Silver Ribbon Gifts have everything you may need from the gifting scene.

We are, after all, a leading online gift retailer!