Shabby Schick

Add character to your homes with our Shabby Schick handcrafted furniture made from wood, piping and pallets.

Shabby Schick

“Where do I find pallet furniture for sale?” are one of the often heard questions in South Africa, whether people look for pallet furniture or hand crafted furniture.

What they actually are looking for, is furniture that answers to the definition of shabby chic furniture. Shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen for their wear and tear appearance or furniture that are distressed to look like antique furniture. Shabby chic aesthetic extends to garden furniture, feminine accessories, linens, bedding and chandeliers.

It is a form of furniture that recalls emotional experiences in grandmother’s house in the country.

Shabby Schick handcrafted furniture from Silver Ribbon Gifts,recreate the nostalgic memories of pleasurable times gone by.

But our handcrafted gifts are not only manufactured from pallet wood. We have an exciting range of gifts that include items as diverse as corrugated iron and wood coolers, pallet wall clocks, pipe and rope desks, planters, cable spool tables, rope and pipe shelves, barn doors, side board trolleys, mirror frames, wine racks and dog bowl holders.

Corrugated iron and wood cooler

Our corrugated iron and wood cooler is a 50 litre, 680 x 425 x 800mm traditional fridge. It is rustic and durable with no fear for rain and sun, although it has handles to make moving and carrying easy.

Shabby Schick clock

The 1 metre diameter Shabby Schick clock is made from recycled pallets and are made only to order.

A Shabby Schick clock is an extraordinary gift for that extraordinary person in your life.

Pipe and rope desk

A hanging desk made to order from recycled wood and new rope.

The desk is suspended from the wall and is quite sturdy. The ideal desk for people who need a compact desk to work at, or as part of rustic decor in a room.

Shabby Schick 5 piece table set

An exciting combination of reclaimed kiaat, saligna and pine were used to create this table and two benches.

Two refurbished antique teak folding chairs with cushions complete this stylish set that will enhance any verandah or open entertainment area.

More Shabby Schick gifts:

Shabby Schick planters for flowers and small shrubs.

Pipe and wood towels rails.

Beer bucket cable tables for the garden, made from power cable reels.

Hanging drinks trays of recycled wood.

Recycled wood barn doors on rollers.

Rope and pipe hanging shelves.

Pipe and wood kitchen pot holders.

Shabby Schick side board trolley from recycled wood and welded iron.

Shabby Schick recycled wood mirror frames.

Two-tier sturdy pipe side table from recycled wood.

Personalised tables made from power cable reels.

Shabby Schick outdoor tap from recycled pallet wood.

Hallway cable reel tables in full or split reel sizes.

British flag low coffee table created from cable reels.

Two-tier Shabby Schick side-board made from discarded wood and pipe.

Succulent Shabby Schick wooden table with recessed planter.

Wood and pipe Shabby Schick wall-mountable wine rack.

Dog bowls recessed into sturdy recycle wood with pipe legs.