Woodin It Be Nice....

Woodin It Be Nice…. to receive one of these personalised Gifts?

We only use the very best and most durable wood. Our Gifts are made to last and to be used every day. We have constructed them of several pieces of solid Kiaat to help prevent warping and minimise cracking. However they will develop their own character over time depending on how it is used and cared for. Personalised products have a lead time of 5 working days for delivery, manufacture and personalisation.

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Wooden gifts

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a quality personalised gift professionally made from durable wood? We agree, woodin it be nice!

Woodin It Be Nice, part of Silver Ribbon Gifts, manufactures and source the widest range of exciting, creative wooden gifts.

Wood is the 5th wedding anniversary gift, but our products are not limited to anniversaries. We are full of ideas about wooden gifts, and we love to share our ideas in our unique gifts.

Our wooden gifts are made from the very best and most durable wood. Gifts are constructed from a collection of solid Kiaat wood to prevent warping and minimise cracking. This ensures a quality that makes them last so they can be used daily.

Our wood products develop their own character to adapt to how and where you use them and care for them.

A range of our Woodin It Be Nice wood products are made from Kiaat, an African wood that is known for its durability and appearance.

Kiaat polishes very well and can be stained. It is an expensive but popular wood for furniture, high class joinery and flooring.

It is resistant to fire, borer and termite and because it does not swell or shrink it is sometimes used in canoe building. We use the sapwood for our furniture, curios and other gifts. Because it resonates sound well, it is also popular for use in manufacturing musical instruments.

Kiaat is a protected wood which makes it even more sought-after.

At Silver Ribbon Gifts we apply our creativity and love of all that is beautiful, to create gifts that sometimes surprise our customers because of its simplicity, usability and beauty.

Our wood gifts

We are proud of our wide range of personalised gifts which include wooden anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for him and her, birthday gifts, mother’s day gifts, christening gifts, father’s day gifts, wedding gifts, unique and unusual gifts and gift boxes.

cricket wickets, egg holders, wall clocks, snack and wine glass holders, customised wood wine boxes, electronics stands, mobile phone stands, personalised swings, personalised guitar racks, beer caddies and holders, toy boxes, pizza and cheese board, coat racks, cooler boxes, bath caddies.

Personalised wood products have a lead time of 5 working days for manufacture, personalisation and delivery.