Argentea Living Wall Plant


Argentea Living Wall Plant

The Argentea Living Wall Plant is the perfect example of uniqueness! Who says that plants belong in your garden outside? Never mind in a pot on a flat grounded surface. This little puffy Tillandsia belongs on your wall!

Offering you an air plant that will make it’s mark on any wall you decide to display it on. Despite its small, compact base, it flowers likes an octopus’ tentacles. But as it ages it releases a long, thin bloom straight out the middle that forms a flower at the tip. This gift can have a sentimental meaning behind it. To resemble your relationship with your loved ones, as times passes your relationship will blossom into something beautiful. 

For those of you who love to travel, welcomes a bit of South America into your homes. As this air plant grows in the woodlands of Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala and Jamaica. 

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