Leather Safari Duffel Bag


The Leather Safari Duffel Bag is an all purpose bag. This bag is great for a proper Safari! Additionally as it is made to be tossed, strapped and squashed so that it fits in all environments you desire. Whether it be the lined inner pockets or strong solid brass zips allowing access with ease. This duffel bag says quality to the max. There’s no doubt that this incredibly robust bag looks most at home in all situations. Also real pleasure to transport as the wide webbing shoulder straps are accompanied by strong rolled handles. Comfortable and classy! Also this rough toughness mixed with elegant grace, this bag can accompany and compliment you. From being checked in on any airline to joining you in the first class lounge, the Leather Safari Duffel Bag is an all time favorite.

If leather isn’t your forte, don’t worry. We have the same safari duffel bag in canvas.

  • lined on the interior
  • zip pocket for valuables
  • comfy, heavy webbing strap is conveniently offset
  • 82 x 42 x 42cm
  • Also available in canvas 


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