Madagascan Baskets


Silver Ribbon gifts is introducing a A BAG for every OCCASION! The Madagascan Baskets  are African all the way. Especially by being hand woven in Madagascar. However much passion and skill was used to make this bag.  An addition of great understanding of the material is also required. More so through our modern touch and traditional aesthetic. Perfect for the beach, shopping and storing all accessories required throughout your day.

Your basket will always be unique to you! This is because the baskets are individually hand woven. They are done by the local Madagascan ladies in rural communities.

Due to the use of natural material  no two baskets will be the same. Along with creativity, great craftsmanship is used. This is used for the leather finishes and handles add value to the basket.

The best thing about our site is that we have options.

  • Dimensions: 30.6cm X 30.2 cm
  • Colour, shape and size varies due to the natural material used


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