Personalised Tispy Tray Shooter Rack


The Personalised Tispy Tray Shooter Rack! Which is perfect for a great night  with a group of your closest friends. Because you will have your name on your shooter tray, no matter how many shots you have as long as you can read you will never forget your name. Of course our classy shooter tray gives you the best excuse to be less classy. With the saying “I don’t get drunk, I just become less classy and more fun.” on one side. However on the other side a special rule you should never forget.Which is, To me “Drink Responsibly” mean don’t spill it! Thus with this tray your golden rule will be fulfilled.

All personalised items take up to 10 working days for manufacturing, delivery and engraving.

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  • Shot glasses included
  • Up to 10 working days for manufacturing, engraving and delivery.


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