Red Shwe Shwe Serviette Set


The African inspired Red Shwe Shwe Serviette Set comes in a set of four. This is especially a Proudly South African driven product, as Shwe Shwe is the denim of South Africa. Very popular among us locals.  Going back to colonial times where shwe shwe was originally indigo. This material is now dyed any colour with a variety of patterns.

Like red for instance. Red has many symbolic meanings in different African countries, but we like to think our Red Shwe Shwe Serviette Set goes well with Egypt’s interpretation. A lucky charm.

Now, when ever you eat with your lucky charm serviettes on your lap or next to your plate you can eat comfortably in style.

If you like shwe shwe, great news! We have many more  products to share with you that will perfectly go with your new serviette set.

  • Dimensions 30cm X 40.5cm
  • Authentic African piecesfor you & your home
  • Set of 4


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