Rift Valley Day Bag


Our trusted Rift Valley Day Bag is inspired by one of the original Rift Valley designs by Harry Moon. Of course there are no limitations to this well designed handmade Safari satchel. Melvill & Moon’s signature waterproofed heavy duty cotton canvas never ceases to displease. Also tied together with fine leather finishes, this bag is fully equipped to join you on any adventure. Finally, a bag with strong leather handles are rolled to ensure the support you need.

No more fighting for space! Unlike most bags that take up the airline guideline to the last millimeter or contribute to your struggle of moving between seats.  This unisex bag is  ideal  as a carry-on. Above all you are guaranteed ease in dealing with small overhead bins. Toughness incorporated with elegance through the lined inner pockets and broad shoulder strap. Perfect for the modern hustle and bustle and even better for a rough day trip out in the bush. A blend of class for you to take through the first class lounge and roughness for Safari adventures strapped, squished and tossed throughout your journey.

Day bag not your style? No problem, we have many more for you to choose from!

  • 47 x 20 x 33cm 2.4kg
  • strong, good quality canvas
  • fine leather finishes
  • shoulder strap included
  • also available in leather


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