Roorkhee Tall Sand Chair


The Roorkhee Tall Sand Chair is just like the Standard Roorkhee Chair, just taller. Therefore allows you to sit at a desk or at certain dinning tables. This chair has a history behind its name and design.

The headquarters of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers at Roorkhee, United Provinces, India and mainstay of the Army and Navy Store catalogues is the inspiration of the name. This design was one of the most favored designs of campaign chair used by British officers from about 1898 to the beginning of World War  II. Due to the needs of the British officers the chair had to be light and easily transported. Thus aiding the chair with the ability to be folded up and carried around or loaded onto a horse.

Also having the need to be comfortable the heavy duty cotton canvas does justice. As Melvill & Moon’s signature is Safari, this is exactly what the Roorkhee Tall Sand Chair is designed for. With the ability stay stable on uneven ground or to be able to survive and fit in with all environments.

If you’d prefer something more leather have a look at the Steadfast Leather Chair

  • Height: 100 cm
  • Width: 54 cm
  • Height of seat from floor: 48 cm
  • Height of armrest from floor: 71 cm
  • Lead time of 4-8 weeks


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