Sand Canvas iPad Bag


Keeping up with the times! Our Sand Canvas iPad Bag is slightly smaller than the laptop bag. Providing protection for your iPad, is this heavy duty waterproof cotton bag that is tied together with fine leather finishes. Including the reinforced rolled leather handles and solid brass zips. This light bag is perfect for a trip to the bank or a safe place to store your electronics while on the beach.

Gift your loved ones with the great quality Melvill & Moon bag just to thank them for the great quality support they give you. Our homemade Safari bag has the combination of roughness and elegance. Is perfect for both office and camping trips. The strong broad webbing shoulder straps ensure the safety for the contents. Easily thrown over your shoulder or tossed in the middle of the urban hustle this bag can handle it all.

Your iPad holds all the things dear to you, whether it be your emails, memories stored as photos or all your contacts. Why not buy a strong and classy bag that is easy to carry, to hold and protect your iPad.

If the iPad Bag doesn’t tickle your fancy, then take a look at a similar bag that might just fit your personality more.

  • good strong quality canvas
  • fully lined
  • leather finishes
  • shoulder strap


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