The Catalina Bag


The Catalina bag possesses all of the Melvill & Moon signature qualities. The heavy duty cotton canvas and fine leather finishes makes it perfect to take on trips to the safari or to the luxurious island of Catalina. Solid brass zips and reinforced leather handles add an additional taste of finesse. Therefore giving you the confidence to carry this charming bag across the first class lounge. On the contrary this bag has the ability to survive the toughest of environments.

Hailing directly back to the days of the Empire Flying Boats (London to Cape via Egypt and East Africa). This bag has a very extraordinary look and carries with it a tremendous heritage in terms of our whole ‘ praise of an age gone by’.

Similar to The Catalina Bag is the Bulawayo Bag.

  • lined with interior pockets
  • features standard fittings
  • solid brass zips
  • heavy duty buckles
  • available in black
  • 87 x 38 x 27cm


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